Positivity Pause - #WindUpWednesday - 🫀Join the HyperTension Take Down Movement! 🫀

May 15, 2024

🌞 It’s WindUpWednesday it's time for your PositivityPause! 🌞

TAKE a moment to inhale for a count of 3, hold for a count of 3, exhale for a count of 3🧘🏽‍♀🧘🏼‍♂🧘🏾

I LOVE how excited and engaged our young people are in change😁♥

You heard what Malikiya said……

“🫀Join the HyperTension Take Down Movement!” 🫀

🌎World Hypertension Day is Friday, May 17th and we’d love to see you on our live conversation! 

⏸Take a PAUSE to focus on Positive Health! It’s time to Take Down HyperTension! First we Believe that we have the Power to make a change and then we take ACTION🤎



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