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Dr. Oneeka Williams, award-winning author, educator, entrepreneur, speaker, storyteller, urologic surgeon, and Positivity Catalyst, is the product of a science teacher mom and journalist father.  Born and raised in Guyana and Barbados, she is on a mission to educate, elevate and empower and believes we can use the positive power of our stories to defeat negativity so we can achieve whole health, pursue our dreams, and live a life without limits. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School, she has used her experiences and life philosophy as the catapult to impact the lives of her patients and community.

As a mentor and advocate of health equity, literacy, and science education, Dr. Oneeka focuses on creating an environment of positivity as part of an ecosystem of learning. This shapes what we think, which then affects what we do, and applies in any environment.  She authors a book series, featuring super surgeon Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo ( who lives on the Island of Positivity, to inspire girls toward a greater interest in science and increase representation in children’s books. Her focus on positive habits quickly attracted parents and teachers, underscoring that adults also need help in overcoming negativity in their lives. This is her first book for adults.

Dr. Oneeka practices urologic surgery and lives in Newton, Massachusetts, with  husband, Dr. Charles Anderson and son, Mark.

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