The Importance Of Pause

The Importance Of Pause


Hello Positivity Posse!

Today, I want to focus on the importance of pause. Pause is an integral part of renewal, productivity and power.

If you look around nature, there are so many examples of how pause is a part of a cycle of renewal. 



“Pause is an integral part of renewal, productivity and power.”



 There are so many examples.

  • Animals go into a period of pause, rest and sleep before getting ready for the next season, called hibernation.
  • Fruits and plants have cycles of dormancy and then of harvest our bodies require a pause.
  • God paused on the seventh day during the creation.
  • Even Jesus paused when he went into the wilderness.

Our bodies require pause. We now know that if you don't have enough sleep, you have a greater risk of experiencing Alzheimer's.

But not just in the sleep cycle, but also in something really good for you - exercise.

Although exercise is incredibly important for our fitness, for our cardiovascular health, and for our mental and emotional health... even exercise requires pause and recovery.

(When you are pushing your muscles to the limit, you have to rest in order to build endurance and strength and prevent injury.)

And so it also is for our mental and emotional health, especially as it is related to our perspective on life. It is important for us to press the pause button on the onslaught of all of the things that swirl around us that threaten our sense of wellbeing. 

We have 12,000 to 18,000 thoughts a day. And do you know that 80% of those thoughts are negative?

Negativity sells. If you look at the new cycles and the media coverage, it is predominantly and overwhelmingly focused on the things that will certainly present as negative. 



"We need to press the pause button to allow for the renewal of your mind, spirit, and overall well-being."



And so we need to press the pause button to allow for the renewal of your mind, spirit and overall well being.

 If we continue to just allow negativity to habit's way with us, then it is constantly adding up each week.

So it is absolutely vital you take a moment to... pause.


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